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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Our son recently celebrated his 6th birthday with the ultimate FIREFIGHTER themed birthday party!

I love a great theme and this one was absolutely perfect for a little boy who dreams of being a big, brave fireman when he grows up!

We turned The Celebration Studio into a blaze of fun filled with firefighter themed garlands, streamer flames, fire engine balloons, toy fire trucks and burning buildings.

Firefighter party supplies included special firefighter plates, napkins and mini fire hydrant cups.

Bright and bold centerpieces full of fire-themed cutouts in fire buckets and cardboard fire trucks created the most adorable table decorations!

Scorching food choices included fire dogs, fiery cupcakes, flaming Jell-O cups, matchstick pretzels, Twizzler fire hoses and firefighter hat shaped suckers.

At our drink and beverage station, guests were able to “Extinguish Their Thirst” with “Dousing Buckets” and “Pumper Punch”.

Adorable activities for our little volunteer firefighters included firefighter bingo, coloring fire-themed suncatchers and crafting their own fire station masterpiece with stickers.

To heat up the bash, the kids got to dress up as heroes with red fire chief hats and badges and jumped into action by participating in an exciting Firefighter Training Obstacle Challenge Course. The kids drove a fire truck around cones, jumped through a ring of fire, crawled through a tunnel, put out multiple fires along the way and even rescued a stranded (stuffed) kitten.

The fire squad also got to take part in a super cool “Fireman Scavenger Hunt”! I created this fun scavenger hunt game and am sharing it with you so you can download it for FREE! Just print one scavenger hunt sheet per child, cut out the top image labeled, “Firefighter Scavenger Hunt” to use as their playing card, then cut each individual picture out of the bottom image and hide all the pieces in your playing area. For an easy way to stick up the pictures, use painter’s tape on the back and when they the kids find a clue, they can pull it off and easily stick it on their card. To the get started with the hunting fun, call out “Stop, Drop and Roll”! Each player must rush to find one of everything they need and they cannot pick up doubles. If they find a piece that they already have they must leave it where it is. The object of the game is to be the first firefighter to find all the objects on their card!

CLICK on the LINK at the bottom of the page for your FREE printable "FIREFIGHTER SCAVENGER HUNT" download!

To finish out the fun, we filled cool firefighter favor treat boxes with lots of party favors, such as firefighter coloring books, tattoos, red flashlights and other assorted treats for all of his guests to enjoy during and after the party. Adult party guests also received cute little hand sanitizers, along with Big Red gum and hot candies!

This party was seriously so much fun and the day was definitely a five-alarm success! If you’re planning a fire truck party of your own, I hope you’ve gotten some great ideas and creative inspiration from my post about how to plan your own ultimate Fire Truck Party!

Looking to plan your own Ultimate Firefighter Party? To make it a little easier for you, I’ve composed a list of items with links to products used for this party! Check it out below!

(*Please note, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that, at zero cost to you, we may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases linked from this website.)



Fire Hydrant Cupcake Holder:

Fire Fighter Heroes Dinner Plates:

Firefighter Dessert Plates:

Fire House Hero Lunch Napkins:

Firefighter Dessert / Beverage Napkins:

Fire Hydrant Cups with Lids:

Fire Plastic Cupcake Picks:

City Scape Candy Buckets:

Fire Hat Suckers:

Strawberry Twizzlers Licorice Tub:


Firefighter Parking Only Metal Sign:

Firefighter Flag Banner:

Fireman Banner:

Firefighter Party Fire Garland:

Firefighter Party Decorations with Fire Truck Balloons, Pom Poms, Tassels and Happy Birthday Banner:

Flashing Mini Red Beacon Light:

Gold Foil Number Balloon:

Red Cardboard Star Decoration Cutouts:

Gold Cardboard Star Decoration Cutouts:

Red Brick Wall Party Backdrop:


Fire Heroes Disposable Table Cloth:

Fire Truck Centerpiece Sticks Table Topper Decorations:

Firetruck Shaped Boxes:

Black Fitted Tablecloths:

Orange, Red and Yellow Crepe Paper Streamer Rolls:


Orange, Red, Yellow and Metallic Gold Polka Dot Tissue Paper:

Crayola Construction Paper:

Metallic Cardstock Scrapbook Paper:

Glitter Cardstock Scrapbook Paper:

White Cardstock Paper:


Firefighter Gift Favor Bags:

Fire Heroes Treat Boxes:

Firefighter Tattoos:

Fire Safety Foam Stickers:

Fire Truck Coloring Books and Crayons:

Mini LED Flashlight Red Flashlights:


Firefighter Costume Role Play/Dress Up Toy Set with Helmet and Accessories:

Firefighter Chief Soft Plastic Hats:

Fire Department Suncatchers Craft Activity:

Color Bingo Chip Plastic Markers:

Plastic Disposable Portion Cups with Lids:

Fire Truck Ride on Wiggle Car:

Pop Up Play Tunnel:

Jumbo Cardboard Blocks:

Orange Traffic Cones:

FREE Fire Fighter Scavenger Hunt Printable PDF:

Download • 1.82MB

Thanks so much for checking out our party!



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